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Do you want 80’s Correct Pad Sets for your vintage Kuwahara?

We love the Kuwahara brand and we have continuously been trying to be involved in some way to bring the world the most accurate reproductions of vintage Kuwahara products.

As you may be aware by now, we are an Officially Licensed Reseller of Kuwahara reproduction decals providing the world with historically accurate reproductions of the highest quality!  That covers decals for your vintage Kuwahara BMX…

But WAIT!… What about Pad Sets?  Collectors have been requesting and insisting on having matching Pad Sets that depict accurate versions of the 80’s releases!  So help us help you!

SIGN THE PETITION BELOW and support our cause to bring to you replica Kuwahara Pad Sets that look almost identical to the Osaka, Japan and California Lite Pad sets that they sold back in the 1980’s. This will cover all Kuwahara BMX models from 1979 – to 1988.

Would you like to see Japan-Made Quality Kuwahara BMX’s Released in the near future?

Let’s face it. Times have changed and companies have to do what they have to do in order to survive.  But does quality really need to change?  Unfortunately, many collectors and fans have been disappointed with recent retro releases of Kuwahara BMX’s like the ET, KZ-01 and Exhibitionism.

If we could bring you an ALL Japan-Made version of the ET, KZ-1, Exhibitionist and 24, bringing back the quality that fans worldwide have grown to love and expect from Kuwahara, then would you be interested in purchasing it?  Would you support and buy it?

If so.. LET US KNOW… by signing the petition below as accurately as possible:

(Your information is collected in order to share with Kuwahara International in Japan. We will not share it with anybody else)

Are you a Vintage BMX Collector, Enthusiast or just a Fan?*
How many Vintage BMX's do you own?*
If we started producing 80's Correct Replica Kuwahara Pad Sets, that were almost identical to the ones made in the 80's (Osaka, Japan & California Lite), then would you be interested in purchasing any (at comparable market value)?*
As you are aware, Kuwahara has been producing and selling a few retro BMX's such as the KZ-01, ET 30th Anniversary Edition, 26" Survivor and Exhibitionism. They have been known to retail between $800 and $1200 USD which is consistent with other China-made BMX competitors.
If WE could somehow bring to the market, Quality Japan-Made Kuwahara retro BMX's with quality Japan-made parts from iconic 80's companies like Araya, Dia Compe, Nitto, OGK, MKS, Kashimax, Izumi and more, then would you be interested in purchasing an ET, Laserlite, Exhibitionist, 24, etc. (at of course a premium cost)?*
If yes, then which models? (please check any or all you would consider purchasing)*
LaserliteKZ-1Exhibitionist24 InchETNone

We really appreciate your SUPPORT… and to help in the cause.. please do spread the word and help us get as many Kuwahara collectors, fans, and enthusiasts to sign this petition.

Thanks again!