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BMX-Rider.com is your #1 source for high quality BMX parts and restoration decals. Our decals are some of the most accurate and factory correct decals of the highest quality print that you will ever find for sale in the world.

Currently, we specialize in mostly Kuwahara BMX decal sets and small decals. As we acquire more decal sets of other BMX brands and models, we will slowly update our inventory.

If you are looking for a specific decal set but cannot find one anywhere because it is no longer in print, or you are looking for a set in custom colours, or you would like to design your own custom decal set, contact us and we will produce it for you!  Contact us at customdecals@bmx-rider.com!

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We are Factory Correct Decal Pros!

Our decals are of the highest quality standards!  Do it right the first time, and purchase our Factory Correct restoration decal sets!

Factory Correct Specifications! 99%
Professional Silkscreen Quality! 100%
Accurate Trace Detail! 99%
Quality Decal Stock! 100%
Product Value! 100%