About BMX-Rider.com


BMX Rider is an Officially Licensed Reseller of Kuwahara BMX Restoration Decals for all vintage old school Kuwahara models from 1979-1988.  In fact, our Decals are the ONLY Factory Correct Kuwahara decals in the World meaning the Quality (the way they are printed) and Accuracy (the details like trace and colors) are un-matched!

We also carry many other Factory Correct decals of various Vintage Old School BMX brands printed at the Highest Quality that you will ever find for sale on the market. And they are re-produced very closely to the way they did back in the ’80’s!

Thousands of BMX Collectors and Enthusiasts around the world Trust BMX Rider to provide them with the proper Kuwahara Decal sets for their restoration project.  Not to mention, we are authorized by Kuwahara to provide that quality and accuracy!

If you are looking for a specific decal set but cannot find one anywhere because it is no longer in print, or you are looking for a set in custom colours, or you would like to design your own custom decal set, contact us and we might be able to help you out!  Contact us at customdecals@bmx-rider.com!


Our Factory Correct Decals are printed at the highest quality standards and in a method that is un-surpassable by competitors!

Our machines we print on are not DIY or home based printers like thermal printing machines that can fit easily on a desk.  Our machines are industrial printing presses the size of a large trucks or buses and the quality is reflected in our Decals.

Do it right the first time, and purchase our Factory Correct restoration decal sets!

Kuwahara Licensed Reseller! 100%
Professional Industrial Grade Quality! 100%
Historically Accurate Designs! 99%
Quality Decal Material! 100%